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2 years ago

Archived: NHL18 - Fiery wreck on the Gardiner

Game 7 Misery... Again

Archived: NHL18 - Fiery wreck on the Gardiner

Show Notes

After Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Leafs Game 7 defeat in Boston, Linc and Andrew sat down to talk about:

  • What went wrong for the Leafs in their series vs. the Bruins
  • Dealing with bandwagon Leafs fans as a knowledgeable hockey fan
  • The performances of several key players including: Andersen, Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Kadri and more
  • Shitting on Gardiner. Actually, a reasonable discussion (?!) about his admittedly poor Game 7 performance, overall strengths and weaknesses, and where we go from here
  • All 4 of the series in Round 2: SJ/VGK, WPG/NSH, PIT/WSH, BOS/TB

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