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2 years ago

Archived: NHL19 - An Honest MisJake

Boo Birds

Archived: NHL19 - An Honest MisJake

Show Notes

The hometown team has hit a skid over the last month. In this Leafs focused episode, Linc and Andrew bodycheck the following topics:

  • The Dry Cactus: Analyzing Matthews play during his cold streak and how does he compare to the team's best catalyst, Mitch Marner.
  • We can rebuild him: Nylander has not produced like a 6(.9) million dollar man…what does he need to turn it around?
  • Decline the penalty: Tavares and Kadri’s roles on a powerplay that has been deflated lately
  • Oh Nikita, you will never know: the stars align as Zaitsev got his first primary assist in 14 months
  • Boo and White: The polarizing play of Gardiner and the travelling chorus of boos from Leafs fans

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