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2 years ago

Archived: NHL18 - Keg Standing Ov8tion

"We're not going to be f****** suck this year"

Archived: NHL18 - Keg Standing Ov8tion

Show Notes

Linc and Andrew check in after the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup to ramble about:

  • How happy Linc (and Vegas bookies) feel now that Vegas fell short of winning the Cup
  • Alex Ovechkin finally winning after 13 seasons and his epic rampage celebration through Vegas and DC
  • The contrast in excitement between the Stanley Cup Final and the recently finished NBA Finals
  • After Ovi and his Kremlin komrades take the Cup to Putin in Mother Russia, will the Caps go to the White House and meet with Trump?
  • The drama in the Ottawa Senators organization between the Karlssons and Hoffman’s fiancée

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